Detecting projects and making qualified appointments

Our team of experienced, office-based sales people conduct high value-added phone prospecting operations on your behalf.

Our added value


1. Ability to intervene on complex, high value-added offers

2. Power to liaise with high-level policy-makers

3. Understanding of complex decision circuits

4. Knowledge of – and proficiency in – your field of activity and your key issues

Seventic is also all about :

Lead management

Developing and monitoring your project portfolio. Your sales people are free to focus solely on closing the deal.


Selling complex solutions and services over the phone.
Our experts conduct analysis and advise your teams on your telemarketing operations.


Mapping of accounts

Identifying environments, processes and decision circuits.


Devising and marketing a lead generation programme to stimulate your distribution channels

Recruiting roadshow and seminar participants

Participant recruitment management: sending out invitations and reminders for “shows” and “no-shows”, and managing registrations.

Need internal sales experts ?

Seventic can also create a sales development hub within your company. We dispatch our office-based sales people to your site for support and proximity with your own teams. In addition, they will benefit from remote access to our supervision and management tools (database, CRM, etc.)

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