The executive offer covers the entire sales process to underpin all your actions, from qualifying projects to signing agreements.



What are the most effective levers for generating qualified leads ?

The answer depends on the company.

That’s why we :

- Analyse the sources of your competitors’ leads

- Identify and analyse your lead flows

- Determine which levers offer the best conversion rates

Based on this data, you can then set up an effective sales strategy.


Are you looking to create or further develop a network ?

We can help you identify players willing to join your network, contact them, and support you right up to the signing of a partner/reseller/integrator agreement.

Do you already have a network ?


Seventic creates a close relationship with your partners and makes sure that they have all the requisite skills, information and tools to sell your products or services.

- Marketing oversight to regularly train and inform your network (e-mailing, multimedia content creation, events, etc.)

- Coordination and backing for your active network of partners ((monitoring of leads and opportunities, access to a dedicated portal for centralised resources and marketing/sales data, etc)

Seventic provides you with sales people in the field, specialised in your line of business and immediately operational to underpin your internal sales teams.

Their pipeline is directly enhanced by a team of office-based sales people working from the Inside division to optimise their commercial action. Consequently, you benefit from the pooled skills of our Executive and Inside divisions.

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