Effective sales tools

Seventic’s actions include providing you with a panel of state-of-the-art tools for improved commercial performance.


Our database

- More than 240,000 contacts

- Oriented towards major accounts, subsidiaries and SMEs/SMIs

- Information updated daily

Our database is continuously updated subsequent to the activity of all our teams, and thanks to our sales management tool.


- Use of

- Connects with the main social networks (LinkedIn, Viadeo, etc.)

- Consolidated reports

Using our sales management tool, we can nurture your pipe and track the enhanced financial value of your sales opportunities.

Our method

- Seventic sales development method

- Systematic, continuous employee training

- Industrialisation of the lead generation process

All our sales people are trained at the Seventic Academy. They are proficient in the best prospecting technologies, and are able to explore accounts, effectively use social networks, etc.

Social data

Création d’une base de données personnalisée issue directement du réseau social Linkedin (Contacts / Fonctions / Adresses emails nominatives / Téléphones / …).

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